Doogoods Assembly Program

Raising the next generation as UPstanders instead of bystanders by making DoingGood fun and Kindness cool so we can create positive habits in students at a young age!

What the program includes

Doogoods Cards

You will receive a pack of Doogoods Cards for each of your classes (as seen on Dragons Den). The cards each have a different character that the students love, and each character has a corresponding simple act of kindness challenge that has a certain amount of points to be earned upon completion, which really does make kindness a fun thing for the students and leads to them developing these positive habits at a young age.

Lesson Plan Manuals

Along with the Doogoods Cards comes a Lesson Plan Manual with lots of different ways to use the cards and effectively make doing good fun in the classroom and continue making your classroom a kind place after the assemblies are over. And on top of that you will also receive a Lesson Plan Manual with activities based on each of the various virtues that we will discuss.

5 Assembly Presentations

Of course you will have the actual assemblies which are 5 different presentations that will go over kindness, courage, respect, responsibility, and positive thinking. These attributes will not only make your students more kind and happier, but they will also lead to success in all aspects of life and ultimately changing the world. These assemblies are presented in a fun and engaging and yet informative manner.

The assembly presentations are backed by science and psychology that shows that these are truly to ways to not only raise your students as UPstanders, but to also set them up for success as well. But don't worry, the information is presented in a fun and engaging way that the kids really love and enjoy!


"Teagan Adams is just the kind of teenager we hope our kids look up to. He joined us at our school for a four part assembly series, using his ability as a facilitator and masterful storytelling to engage 390 Kindergarten-Grade 6 students in learning about Kindness, Positive Thinking, Courage, and Respect. Students eagerly anticipated each of Teagan's visits and participated in meaningful learning each time he was in the building. Students saw Teagan as a peer, someone like them who made being kind cool, and doing good each day possible. "

Mr Jesse Bruce
Elementary School Principal


Kindness is very important and it is important to understand the effects that even a simple act of kindness can really have. When someone completes a simple act of kindness, a chemical called oxytocin is released. This chemical makes the person doing the simple act, the person on the receiving end, and anyone around watching feel happier, healthier, and wanting to do more good. This causes a chain reaction and it is why simple acts of kindness can really create a ripple effect with no logical end.


Courage is also very important, and not necessarily in the way we generally see courage as being. Courage can be as simple as being ourselves and becoming who we were meant to be. Although courage is sometimes there to warn us and keep us safe, it can also be there to help us grow. We will discuss what courage really is, and how you don't actually need to be a superhero to be a hero and even without the suit, you can help change the world by being courageous enough to be yourself and make a difference.


Not only do we need to embrace who we were meant to be ourselves, but we also need to accept others for who they are. Each and every one of us is different and unique in our own ways, and that's a good thing. If not for our different strengths and weaknesses, we would never get anything done in life, because EVERYONE plays an essential part in the grand scheme of things. We will discuss not only about respecting others but also talk about respecting ourselves and the world around us as well.


It is important for kids to grow up learning to be responsible, and things like chores are a great way to start getting them ready for the world. But the problem is that in the real world they won't be getting paid for taking out the trash, and they won't have anyone to remind them, they will just need to do it. Responsibility doesn't necessarily mean things that we absolutely have to do, but it can also be the things that we feel the need to do because it serves a greater purpose. We are really responsible for a whole lot, and it goes a lot further than just chores around the house.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a very important tool that can lead to happiness and success. Positive thinking is necessary to overcome obstacles and keep going and to pursue your dreams. The only way to actually fail is to quit, because if you think positively and pick yourself back up again, you can always recover from any number of setbacks. Positive thinking is only half of the work, though. You also need to think outside of the box and get creative, as well as use your critical thinking skills, and in this particular presentation, we will go over ways for students to use their thinking to help them be able to achieve their dreams.

And more topics coming soon!

Teagan is ready and willing to bring his expertise on both public speaking and DoingGood to your school in a fun and engaging yet informative assembly that is perfect for elementary school students to ignite their spark and start at a young age the habits of DoingGood

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Whether you would like to have Teagan just deliver one assembly, or a few assemblies, or do the full program is up to you. He will be in touch shortly to discuss what works best for you after you fill out this form below!


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